Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Science Friday kickoff

This year our Science Fridays co-op is focusing on Animal Studies. We kicked off our year with a field trip to Mystic Aquarium, in Mystic, CT. We all bought memberships, too, so we can enjoy going there all year long. This year we expanded the co-op to include 4 families (one family is not pictured above).

Above, Zoo Boy in the touch tank. Each week we are focusing on a different Ecosystem/habitat, for the most part following the documentary mini-series Planet Earth. They will watch an episode, choose an animal to study during the week from that Ecosystem (with the aid of a research form asking for pertinent information about the animals), then will bring their filled out research forms and a picture of the animal the following week. They'll share the info with the others in the group, then together they will write a Naturalist Fiction story, each being responsible for the realistic behavior of their animal in the story. The adults will type up the stories, and the kids will add it along with their research forms and photos to their Science Friday notebooks. We'll also take monthly field trips to view some of the animals we are studying live.

Above, Zoo Boy pets a Cow-nosed Stingray, the animal he has chosen to study this week. J decided to study Jellyfish.

Above, J and Laurel's girls in the Birds of the Outback exhibit, always a favorite.

We're off to a very fun start with our Science Fridays!

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