Wednesday, September 12, 2012

large scale timeline field trip

Tuesday afternoon we headed out (with our time-traveling buddies) to Northwest Park in Windsor, CT, which boasts a fairly straight mile-long road through old tobacco fields. At the start of the road, we declared "now", and then began traveling back in time, accounting for 10 million years with each pace. (Above, the kids at "now", awaiting time travel.) We dropped weighted index cards for each major event we wanted to account for (those sames sorts of things we noted on our timelines at home). The below photo depicts the last 65 or so million years. The big bang awaited us about a mile away at 13 billion years ago. 1,300 paces were counted in between.

The kids' favorite part was when we were done, blasting ahead through time to reach the present again, gathering all the major developments in the history of our universe and the evolution of our planet along the way. Very fun! And I think gave them a real appreciation for just how MUCH time we're talking about.

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