Sunday, September 2, 2012

evolution paintings -- day #5

Sorry to have posted a whole bunch of these all at once, the week got away from me! But I wanted to catch up before next week starts!

These are our final evolution paintings, depicting chimpanzees (sort of) and early humans. This is where my general artistic incompetence begins to show! But we had fun with it anyway. Our inspiration for all of our evolution paintings this week was the book Our Family Tree: an Evolution Story by Lisa Westberg Peters, illustrated by Lauren Stringer. Go buy a copy, the story is beautifully told and Ms. Stringer's illustrations are FAR better than ours! As usual, my painting is at the top, J's in the middle, Zoo Boy's at the bottom.

Quoted from the book:

"After an asteroid shattered the calm and a layer of fine dust settled on everything, we changed again.

On the outside, we looked more and more like we do now, but we still walked on all fours. We climbed tree trunks with our thumbs and thumbnails, toes and toenails. On the inside, the bones of our hands looked almost the same as they do today.

After the earth cooled and the forests shrank, we left the trees to live in the open grasslands.

On the outside, we walked upright on two legs, with our two arms free for using tools. On the inside, we had large brains, but not as big as they are now."

The book wraps up nicely at the end as well, but I'll save that (and the very beginning) for your reading pleasure! (In the back it also has further explanation about the simplified descriptions in the story, as well as a simple timeline which is serving as a sneak peak into what we'll be working on next week! Stay tuned!!)

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