Friday, September 10, 2010

birthday fun

Yesterday afternoon we got together with friends for a walk at our favorite dog-and-kid-walking area, because that's what I most wanted to do on my birthday.

It was a great day to be outdoors -- a bit breezy and cool, very Fall-like. The dogs, the kids, and the adults all enjoyed themselves!

Then a cake at home with the family (above), and drinks and the traditional "Mouse Mousse Cake" with friends (below). Pretty much a perfect birthday! I think I'll stay 45 forever.


Alyss said...

Happy birthday!! My birthday was last weekend but I'm celebrating my 30th bday for a whole 30 days :) Camping, visiting family, massages, gifts, parties and autumn weather. Doesn't get any better than that. Enjoy the rest of your birthday... you get a whole 45 days, you know ;)

Megan said...

Happy birthday!

dongdong said...

Oh,Happy Birthday! Hope you are always surrounded by love, laughter and joy.