Wednesday, September 8, 2010

icecream and posters

We attended a local homeschooling group's "Ice-cream Social" today. Would have included photos of the rather large turn-out, but we don't know these folks real well yet, and I don't exactly have permission to publish photos of their kids. So you get to see photos of my kids instead!

In addition to eating ice cream (make-your-own-sundaes) the kids also worked on posters of summer memories. Much to my surprise, both of my kids were willing participants! (Despite the fact that both had asked, at least twice, "do we have to?" to which I responded "no".)

J's finished poster. He painted a flag and some fireworks depicting the 4th of July, the "Oliver" logo from our musical, and a sign promoting the dance studio where he took dance camp. He also painted the state of Maine, then put a red "x" through it (and an unhappy face next to it), since we'd had plans to go to Maine that fell through. Wise guy.

Zoo Boy shows off his painting of our lake beach, which clearly was the high point of his summer.

After eating and creating, some of us headed outside to the adjoining play scape and field and the kids ran around and got tired and sweaty.

It was a fun afternoon, we'll look forward to more activities with this group!

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