Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sleep solution

I wanted to blog about this in case any of your kiddos have sensory issues and trouble sleeping:

Here is Zoo Boy (and J, just because it's fun) trying out his new Squeeze Sheet. It's a lycra tube that fits over the mattress (like a really large body sock). The idea being that some kids do better with some night-long sensory feedback, rather than feeling "lost" in their bed. (Personally it would drive me mad, I like sleeping with a pile of loose stuff on top of me, the last thing I want is a sheet that is tucked in, never mind one that is super-tight and pushing down on me!)

Last night was our first night with the sheet. Not only did The Boy fall asleep right away, but he stayed asleep -- and in his own bed -- for the entire night. I'm sold.

I bought the sheet at Over The Moon in Avon, CT -- they have twin size in stock, we had to special order the full size. The prices are FABULOUSLY affordable, for this sort of thing. (We paid $47ish for the full sized, I think the twin sells for about $10 less.) We paid more for a body sock than this, and this has twice the material (at least). BARGAIN! And, really, if it keeps him asleep and in his own bed, it's worth 10 times that.


Anonymous said...

can you tell me the commercial name of the squeeze sheets ? searched on google but nothing --- never seen anything like it here in Australia but I'm sure this would be of interest for people in some of our local chatboards for Autism

Harvest Moon said...

Here's a similar sheet I found with a google search:

Hope that helps! :)

Harvest Moon said...

Oh, meant to say, I don't know the name of this particular sheet (it has no tags), it may not even have one, it's being made locally, Zoo Boy's was custom made for him in the colors he wanted. I've seen them elsewhere for a lot more $$, but I'll tell you, they are worth every penny!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. On the blanket. my daughter is on her way right now to pick up one in Avon. they did have it in stock! hope it will work! My grandson(who is diagnosed with autism) has been trying to get between the mattress anD box spring on his bed. we are very excited! Thank you! Everything is worth trying,