Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brer Fox Tries Farming Again

Brer Fox tried his hand at farming with Brer Rabbit again, but this time he insisted on keeping both the tops AND the bottoms. So ol' Brer Rabbit decided to grow corn -- and just as agreed, he only kept what grew in the middle. Which, of course, left Brer Fox with nothing but a bunch of useless corn stalks. J (above) and Zoo Boy (below) drew an angry Brer Fox watching Brer Rabbit leave the field with a bag full of corn. (I particularly like Brer Fox's cloud of black thoughts in J's drawing!)

I chose to draw Brer Rabbit harvesting the corn:

That puts a wrap on our Tricksters cycle for this culture (although we may read a few more here and there just because they are super duper fun, and we'll be spending quite a bit more time within this culture). On to our sage, Harriet Tubman, next week!

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