Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sis Wolf Plants Peanuts

I've decided to stop blogging the kids' journal entries. Zoo Boy was feeling self-concious about it, and really it's a massive invasion of privacy on my part. (Of course, J always enjoyed the broader audience....) But anyway, onward to our first story of the week:

In "Sis Wolf Plants Peanuts," ol' Brer Rabbit gets the better of her by convincing her to walk ahead of him hoeing while he walked behind her planting the peanuts. Silly Sis Wolf, trusting Brer Rabbit like that. Above is J's drawing (of what I just described), below is Zoo Boy's drawing of the aftermath of that event with Brer Rabbit telling Sis Wolf that probably a mole or a woodchuck ate the peanuts.

The really fun part for me was that our story today started right where this story left off, but with Brer Fox doing the planting and trying to outwit Brer Rabbit. The tie-in went over big with my kids, and Zoo Boy applauded at the end. (I love when he does that!)
My drawing (of the same scene J drew) is below:

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