Monday, January 24, 2011


It's -12 here this morning. -12. Fahrenheit.

It's never been that cold here -- ever. We had a -4 once. And we tend to hit -2 a couple times a winter. But I honestly never thought I'd see -12. Or have to go do chores in it.

I know those of you who live in places where that sort of thing is normal are laughing at me for being a wimp. But I tell you, it's not supposed to get that cold in Connecticut!! And we're really not geared to operate in that sort of cold. So I figured I deserved to whine a little bit.

And now that I've whined, I'm off to try to break up some water for the critters.


Nicole Milman said...

Hi Shelley, I guess we can be grateful that we don't have to bring in frozen critters to thaw out in the barn, like my mother did as a child in Finland! LOL. I'm working on the next message. In the meantime, keep warm :) Nicole

Bea said...

Thats crazy , I remember the clod days back in Boston, what do you do with the kids inside, I found that the biggest challenge not to be able to go out

Alyss said...

That sounds absurd to this west coast girl. About the coldest it ever get here is the mid 20s.. and then we howl at how cold it is :) Keep warm and safe and have some fun science times seeing what you can freeze outside :)

taimarie said...

We live where it gets that cold a few times each winter, but it still is a shock to the system. That kind of cold hurts! We just stay by the woodstove and wait it out- not as many chores to do on our farm, so I have sympathy!