Wednesday, January 19, 2011

gym class -- it's not just for schooled kids

We're not talking about the ice storm yesterday, or the fact that it's been snowing out there all morning. Or the foot of snow they are predicting for Friday.

No! Instead, we are talking about gym class! (Not sure if anyone will be able to pick J out in this photo, he's lying on his stomach in the AstroTurf with his chin in his hand next to his buddy R, across the circle, looking at me.) Specifically, we're talking about the brand new Homeschool Sports and Fitness class that a local family athletic center is offering us.

In addition to offering a Homeschool swimming program once a week (which we do not participate in, we go to a different pool for our weekly swim), this class is held in their great big indoor building, which includes an elevated springy floor (the blue thing in the foreground), basketball/volleyball courts, a batting cage, and a huge athletic field that can be divided off into 6 smaller playing fields with nets.

All surrounded by a 1/4 mile track, which we Moms and non-participating kids (like Zoo Boy, enjoying a bit of a jog in this photo) can walk/run on while the rest of the kids are in class. There is also a fitness/weight room over in their brick building that the kids will get to spend some time in as well.

Of course, there's plenty of socialization opportunity (here is Zoo Boy and his pal little J), strolling behind us exercising Moms. For me too -- I'm having a fabulous time walking with various groups of Moms and chatting as we burn calories.
I'm telling you, I just LOVE this set-up! It's absolutely ideal, because not only is J getting the gym class experience that he craves, but Zoo Boy is getting his own exercise (he walks 1/4 mile for every mile I walk, and I've been doing 3 miles at this point), and so am I. SO MUCH BETTER than him and me sitting in a stuffy hallway at the YMCA while J takes sports class for an hour in a smelly gym. And this program is 1 1/2 hours. Wahoo!!

There's about 50 participating kids, they all start out doing some warm-up exercises and games together, then they split off into 4 groups (based on age and size) and work on sports skills with trained coaches, and then play a game of whatever they are learning about that day. Last week there was an emphasis on general fitness, but they also played Capture the Flag with J's group (seen in this photo). The week before it was handball.

A definite 2-thumbs-up program!! Especially during these winter months (THIS winter in particular!) where finding outdoor activities for sustained exercise can be a bit challenging.

If you're local to us and don't know the facility I'm talking about and want to learn more about them, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you a link to their website.

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