Thursday, January 27, 2011

a beautiful thing

No, not the snow, silly. I'm WAY past thinking snow is beautiful!! It's that not-oft-seen device The Map Man is pushing. Could it be??? Yes! It's our snowblower!! Our lovely (heavy on the sarcasm) snowblower that we paid a bloody fortune for about 10 years ago and has only worked maybe 8 times since. Well, it's working this morning, thanks to the magical fingers of the wizard (um, er, mechanic) who lives across the street. Which means I don't have to spend the entire afternoon in the 3rd circle of hell with nothing but a shovel and a case of frostbite to keep me company!

Hey, we take our excitement where we can get it around here. So raise your glass, this is cause for a celebration! (And for the time being we'll just ignore that dripping sound coming from inside our walls....)


Carolyn West said...

I can't believe the snow. I'm sorry!!! Good think the snowblower is working.

Anonymous said...

A dripping sound? I'm wondering if it is similar to sound that we've heard here (too frequently) in our walls, on our first floor, splashing onto our good books, and heading toward our wedding album? Perhaps, it isn't but
I have had to add roof raking to my exercise program this winter to reduce the ice dams.

Congrats on having a working snowblower!

Karen said...

Woo Hoo!