Thursday, January 27, 2011

enough with the snow already!

Here's what we woke up to this morning:

Yup, another 18 inches of the fluffy white stuff. Remember, that fence is 4 feet high (I'm talking about the wire, if you can even see it -- the top of the fence posts are 6 feet high). And there's a water trough somewhere under there. (Can you see the rake handle to the right of the gate in the center of the picture? About there. Oh, and that rake is sitting on top of about 2 feet of snow. Yes, our life is a wonderland of joy. Ahem.)

There's fence under here somewhere....some steps too.... If you're wondering what is actually keeping our animals in at this point, I think it's just pure lack of interest in going anywhere else.
Containment is pretty much a thing of the past.

They had predicted we'd get about 6 inches with this storm. When I went to bed at midnight, they had upped it to 8 inches. Judging by the 2 inches of snow on top of my dogs when I brought them in from their last time out, I was guessing they perhaps had misjudged this storm. You know you're in trouble when you turn the TV weather on in the morning, and the weathermen sound giddy.

J displays the snow load on our deck this morning. If it hadn't been for a lot of compacting since the last 2 1/2 foot storm and the following foot or so we've gotten since then, the snow would completely obliterate that door.

Here's a look at that deck from outside:

We apparently vastly underestimated the construction of that deck. We hadn't been allowing the kids out on it for the past several years, because it just does not look adequately sound. But the sucker is still standing, bless it's little splintered wooden heart. (That's our holiday tree back in the corner with about 3 inches sticking up. A lot of good it's doing the birds now.)

Anyone want to take a wild guess at what we'll be doing today?

Someone recently asked me how my fitness program was going. Trust me, I'm getting plenty of aerobic exercise.


Nicole Milman said...

lots of laughing out loud here. you are something! I especially liked the giddy weatherman bit....I am working on my reply to you - contending with sick kiddies, snowstorms, no power, husband stuck at work, etc., I do like the snow, though, and even though we had no power or heat last night, we managed to have a fabulous light show on the ceiling thanks to that heavy Maglite :) Nicole

Alyss said...

Oh Em Gee... that's amazing! So, so, so much snow! How's your Big White Dog handling it? And your Littler Black And White dogs? We haven't had a decent snow storm here all winter (not that I want one!) but I do enjoy watching a black dog zoom around in the snow :) Hope you guys dig out soon!

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Actually, none of the dogs seem to mind the cold or snow much (except on those really bitter days). Our problem is that we can't leave the house dogs outside unattended, because they can just step over the fence, so it's made my life a lot more complicated (and I'm sure they'd rather have more playtime out there than they are getting, since I don't let them run roughshod through my house). I'm honestly not sure why April isn't roaming the neighborhood at this point, I'm sure she could hop the fence if she really wanted to, but maybe she's motivated enough to just stay with her sheep. We only found her outside the pasture once so far. But the neighbors are all on alert to call me if they see any of our critters where they don't belong, since our fencing is now totally inadequate.

Karen said...

Why aren't the animals leaving? Because all that white stuff on the other side of the fence is no more apppealing than the stuff on their side! It's just more white everywhere. At least there's food to be seen on the right side of the fence. :) Accidentally walking over the fence, OTOH....

I'm lucky that my dog run is on the side of the house sheltered by the pine trees, so has less snow. I've only got snow about 2/3 up the livestock panels there. My front yard is a loss with 5-7 feet of snow.

The puppy has been so proud of himself - he's found every bone that was buried under 2+ feet of snow. He finds them, digs them out, then trots around showing them off. :)