Wednesday, January 12, 2011

epic storm

I know I promised a post about my recent homeschooling decisions, but first I thought my readers in other parts of the country and world would like to see what 30 inches (and counting, the storm is still raging out there!) looks like in Connecticut. Sorry about the dark photos, it's been on the dark side here all day.

I've never seen a 30 inch storm before, in fact, have never been in anything over 2 feet, so this is a new experience for me too. Above is our barnyard, the fence is 4 feet high. That water trough (the black blob at snow level in front of the first fence) is at about waist height.

Above is the dog yard, that fence is 5 feet high. The "path" along the fence was made by the dogs this morning, back when there was only about 15 inches of snow out there.

Our driveway is above, the car is in front of the van, completely buried. Needless to say, we're not going anywhere anytime soon.
Above is along the back of the house -- those kennel panels are 6 feet high. To the right used to be a 10' x 8' duck shelter. Now it's a pancake covered by snow. (No ducks were harmed during the collapse, thankfully, they knew enough to get out of there before it came down.)

Above is our front yard, with the neighbor's house across the street. You can only see their windows, otherwise their house is buried, they don't sit as high up as we do. I'd love to get a picture of our house, but don't think it's worth trudging through 3 feet of snow to the road just to snap a photo. So you'll have to wait until we're dug out at some point tomorrow!
I hope all of our friends and family are warm and snug and dry. And take it easy with the digging out, I don't want to hear about any illnesses or injuries because of this storm!


Carolyn West said...

Wow, 30" - I was wondering how much I would have gotten at my old house. I miss living there but not right now. It must be pretty though.

Jelinda in Texas said...

Wow! So much snow!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I have never lived in the snow, so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. And to think that here in Texas, we're cold at 47 degrees.