Sunday, April 3, 2011

crystal wrap-up

Finishing up our little unit on growing crystals, one of our Science Fridays families grew a couple more kinds of crystals for the kids to examine with the magnifying glasses and under the microscope. The crystals to the left are Baking Soda.

I forgot to take photos of our last Science Fridays meeting (dopey me) where the kids examined the sugar crystals they grew over the previous several weeks, first with a magnifying glass, then with a hand-held microscope (which the host mom was able to connect to their TV, so the kids got a GREAT view of the crystal structure). The kids drew sketches of the crystals in their notebooks. And then they all ate them.

Here's some Epsom salt crystals, also grown by the same family.

The kids also took home crystal paper models to cut out and construct (which we STILL haven't gotten around to doing yet....)

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