Friday, April 1, 2011

a note about rhythms

Just going to jot down a few notes about our current daily/weekly rhythm, while you enjoy a photo of the boys and their bunnies, hanging out in bed and watching 'Scooby Doo'.

Our daily rhythm is pretty much the same as it has been all year -- wake, breakfast, dress, exercise/movement (including a cultural dance and a fold-and-spin exercise), story work, snack, practice work, read aloud (story for next day's story work), play, lunch, rest, afternoon adventures (vary by the day per our weekly rhythm), dance (for J), supper (sometimes before dance, sometimes afterwards, depending on the day), bed prep, and bed. Mondays the story work is replaced by journals (and we don't do any handwriting practice work, because there's plenty of writing involved already). Tuesdays the entire day is replaced with our therapy sessions (Speech for Zoo Boy, Social Thinking Group for J), J's piano and guitar (and now voice) lessons, and then some playtime with his teacher's homeschooled kid(s). Fridays instead of reading a new story from our curriculum, the boys are reading independent articles and answering brief comprehension questions about them from these workbooks. (They love workbooks and quizzes, this is my way of feeding that desire.)

For weekly rhythms, on Mondays we have co-op classes (will be local town history and Spanish this coming session) and Jazz. Tuesdays are therapy and music lesson days (see above) and Ballet. Wednesdays are our "at home" day -- no dance (gasp!). In theory that's the day I have students, so the kids do independent reading and projects in the afternoon while I'm working. Thursdays are generally a day to run errands, and J has a Ballet class and a Modern class that evening. And Fridays we have our fun, somewhat informal Science Fridays co-op, followed by Ballet and more rehearsals.

As for the weekend, we adhere to much less structured a rhythm to leave room for things like sleeping late(ish), doing projects around the farm/house that need doing, visits with relatives, and pursuing spontaneous options that arise. However, J does dance Tap on Saturday mornings (and often has rehearsals of one sort or another in the afternoons) while Zoo Boy has a play date with a friend, and J has chorus rehearsal on Sunday evenings (which we've sort of turned into a family event, with us all going and hanging out while J rehearses, sometimes on our way from some adventure or another, and dining before or after).

You're probably wondering where in all that we have time to clean the house. Well, I'm wondering the same thing, honestly. (You wouldn't wonder if you saw this place -- CLEARLY housekeeping has fallen by the wayside of our busy schedule.) I'm also unsure how I'm going to be able to incorporate our daily walks into this schedule once the weather gets nice enough for that sort of thing, so that's another challenge (which I'll most likely meet successfully long before I actually find time to clean my house....).

So anyway, if you're wondering why you never get invited over here, wonder no longer. The place is a disaster. It's on the to-do list to do something about that....


Diane Menard said...

Very good excuses. Mine aren't quite so good.

MM said...

Are you still doing Kids in the Kitchen?

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Kids in the Kitchen is one of those things that needs to get fit back into our schedule again -- I've been taking a nutrition class on Weds evenings, which is the only evening J doesn't dance, so was our Kids in the Kitchen night, but that's just finished up, so hopefully we can get back to that again. I'm sure I'll post details when we get rolling with it again. Kids have been bugging me to get back to it, but I want to find a kid-friendly low-sodium cookbook first -- the Rachel Ray book doesn't have nutritional facts, so no longer meets my family's needs.

Thanks for asking about it, though I miss the fun and excitement of that project!