Monday, April 11, 2011

the gala

It was the social event of the year! J's ballet school held their annual fundraising ball this past weekend, at a posh hotel in Hartford. Not only did The Map Man and I (and Mimi!) get to enjoy a fabulous night of dining and dancing, but the school's pre-professional ballet students got to perform for the guests in the ballroom before dinner was served. I was busy helping to sew costumes for weeks leading up to it, and it was well worth it to watch how much the kids enjoyed being able to perform to such an intimate audience. J was well-pleased with his outfit (which I think makes him look just like Little Lord Fauntleroy, don't you?!), and he couldn't wait to get it on after the kids were served their meal in a downstairs banquet hall.

J dancing during the performance. The theme was "Royal Wedding," and the kids were playing the parts of the wedding party for Princess Aurora and Prince Desire (from The Sleeping Beauty Ballet). They even served wedding cake (complete with the happy couple cutting the cake)!

The kids got to change into party clothes and join us for desert and dancing after we had dinner. Here J snacks on M&Ms that had been wrapped up like little wedding favors, sitting next to Mimi at our table.

J arrived at the party just in time to dance with "Princes Aurora" (one of his teachers) during her "dollar dance".

He also got to dance with Mimi, and about 3 dozen classmates, teachers, and friends...

...including me!

When he wasn't dancing with someone else, he was busy "getting down" on his own -- that boy was everywhere on the dance floor, and he didn't hesitate to drop to the floor for a bit of break dancing here and there.

Seriously, whose kid is this?!?!?!

J poses with Miss Nicole (his current Jazz and Tap teacher) and Miss Naomi (his first ballet teacher -- I told her this is all her fault!!).

We all had a blast (The Map Man and I had a great time dancing too, though I never thought to have anyone take a picture of us -- I'm a dope!), and we're already looking forward to next year's Gala!

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Diane Menard said...

Looks like a great time! Glad you had fun. Sorry no pic of you and hubby dancing.