Sunday, April 24, 2011

week 29

It was a lighter week for us commitment wise -- pretty much everyone in this part of the world was on school break, so we didn't have most of our usual activities. In fact, other than Jazz class and Tap class, we had NONE of our usual activities. It was kind of nice to slow down and just enjoy a bit of free time! We spent as much of it outdoors as the weather (which was, for the most part, rainy and cold) allowed.

On Monday we lead our newly formed Letterboxing Club on it's first outing. We followed the clues to try and find 9 letterboxes. We managed to locate 5 of them, which I consider a pretty successful day, since we were letterboxing in a highly used park, and letterboxes in those sorts of places tend to go missing more frequently than boxes in more remote locales. We actually had a really nice day for our trip, especially considering how the rest of the week went.

That night, despite the drizzle (and partly because of it), we burned a bunch of wood from our recent clearing out of one of our outdoor storage areas. Zoo Boy suggested S'mores, so I ran down to the local corner store and grabbed a stale bag of marshmallows and their last 3 Hershey bars (they've not put up S'mores supplies yet, as the weather's not been very campfire-conducive so far -- in fact, the only box of Graham Crackers they had on their shelf was more outdated than the expired box I had at home, so I went with our box!). I also ran into the Packie next door to grab a few Mike's for The Man and myself. Here's The Map Man enjoying a warm spot by the fire with his treats.

J roasts a marshmallow -- the kids were already in their PJs when they realized we had a good roasting fire going, so they donned sweatshirts, raincoats, and rain boots and came out to join us. Fires and S'mores are a summertime tradition with us, and the fact that it was cold and raining didn't dampen their enthusiasm to jump-start the season!

Zoo Boy in gooey marshmallow heaven....

After finishing his second S'more, he looked up to the cosmos and declared, while rain splashed on his face, "What a GREAT night!"

The rest of our week was on the quiet side. We finished up our Sage cycle (which I already blogged about separately), visited the library, had a couple of play dates, took a few family walks, then celebrated our extended family's holiday with them.

So a quiet week (compared to usual, anyway), but a fun and rewarding one!

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