Sunday, April 24, 2011

John Muir, chapters 3 & 4

We finished up our John Muir sage story this week -- above is J's and Zoo Boy's (in that order) drawings from Chapter 3, below is their written summaries.

We all drew to-scale drawings of Giant Sequoia trees, with John Muir standing next to them. J's is on the left, Zoo Boy's is in the middle, and mine is on the right. (Actually, my Muir is a little bit too big for the scale!) We didn't actually cover the concept of scale at this point -- I just wanted the kids to experience it right now, we'll be working with the concept in detail over the next couple of years. They were pretty blown away by just how big these trees are!

Their Chapter 4 summaries above, and some final drawings (below) to finish out the story (J's is of John giving a tour in one of the National Parks he helped to get recognized, Zoo Boy's is of John writing about his experiences inside his cabin).

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