Thursday, March 11, 2010

belated party pics

Well, it's taken me long enough, but here are the photos from Zoo Boy's birthday party, which was held on Sunday at The Children's Museum. Eleven of his friends and many of their parents attended, as well as his grandparents and a couple of aunts and uncles. The Boy chose several rooms for his guests to visit with our party guide, and they all enjoyed exploring exhibits and watching some very entertaining animals for about an hour.

Then it was off to our own private party room, where Zoo Boy had selected a chinchilla for his guests to learn about and pet. He was the ultimate host, refusing to pet the chinchilla himself so that his guests would have enough time with it. When I asked him about it later, he said "I've petted chinchillas lots of time, but I chose that because I thought that's what everyone would like the best."

Then it was time for cake and presents. Here's how the caked turned out (his name is under that gray bar). I wasn't too pleased with it, given that it took me several hours to make, I thought I could have centered things better. But everyone else was pretty impressed, and Zoo Boy absolutely loved it, so I guess I've just got to be happy with that!

Zoo Boy opening his gifts. I have to say, he handled himself really well, reading each card, laughing where appropriate, finding the giver and making eye contact with them to make sure they were watching him open the gift, and thanking them sincerely afterwards. Then they all went down to the planetarium to enjoy a show while I cleaned up with the help of a couple of my friends. Afterwards we handed out Bakugan toys (hand-picked by Zoo Boy) to each of the boys and wooden bead bracelets to the girls, and all the kids got passes for a return visit to the museum. It was a nice party, but a little chaotic. Zoo Boy was really happy with it, though, so it's all good!

One of my favorite things that Zoo Boy got, a hand-made card from my artistic friend Lori, with Kiri featured. We look forward to her cards at every birthday, she's so creative!

And the best gift of the day -- a home made bird chart from the boys' friend D. Zoo Boy plans to frame it and hang it in his bedroom.


Elizabeth said...

What a gracious host Zoo Boy is! I thought I'd mention that his name seems to still be on that gorgeous bird chart.

Lori said...

Forgot to tell you -- Justin added the paw prints to the front of the card. I liked his idea so much that I carried them through to the inside. Glad you like the card! We had a lot of fun at the party!!