Friday, March 5, 2010


Ok, I've got a ton of catching up to do, but I figure I'll get flailed if I don't post some more puppy pictures first, so here you go!

Kiri's a pretty mellow gal, I mean, for a Lab puppy. She's a big-time snuggler, and her favorite game is holding as big a toy as she can possibly fit in her mouth and moaning and wagging her tail wildly while smushing her head into whatever human body part is available. She's taken to farm-living like a champ, and she's a really nice little gal to have around the house. Oh, and she travels well, which is important for the homeschooling family on-the-go. She's pretty much the perfect puppy. (And yes, for those of you keeping track, I actually used the words "perfect" and "Lab" in the same paragraph.)

So far, she spends her days romping in the fields with the kids and their friends...

...playing with whoever is available...

...and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.

Lots of it. (I don't normally sleep with my glasses on, but The Map Man apparently caught me after I dozed off the other night....Thanks, Honey....)

Of course, you'd sleep a lot too if you were running around with a wild pack of kids all day. Trust me.


CrisisMaven said...
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Alyss said...

OMG... what a sweet baby! I want one so, so bad. And puppy breath! and puppy toes!! and moaning, mumbling sleeping puppies!! (OK, Tumalo still does all of that part, but she stanks like a labby now, not cute little puppy smell). Now you get to start saying my favorite thing to say ... black dogs is the best kind of dogs :) Cause they are!

Have you ever read any Temple Grandin? I'd be suprised if you hadn't, what with your background with both animals and ASD. She has some interesting thoughts on the link between physical traits in domesticated animals and behavior traits. She has good things to say about black dogs :)

Anonymous said...

whew! THANKS for the pics!!!! I was about to go into withdrawal !!! ;o) Kiri is *gorgeous*. - Bev