Friday, March 5, 2010

getting ready to spring

The snow is melting, the temps are above freezing during the day and not too far below it at night, and there's every indication that spring is on it's way! So it's been a good week to focus on Science and Nature Stories, and I picked an appropriate poem, the first verse of "March" by R.W. Emerson

O such a commotion under the ground,
When March said "Ho, there! Ho!"
Such spreading of rootlets far and wide,
Such whisperings to and fro.
"Are you ready?" the Snow Drop asked,
"'Tis time to start, you know."
"Almost, my dear!" the Scilla replied,
"I'll follow as soon as you go."
Then "Ha! ha! ha!" a chorus came
Of laughter sweet and low,
From millions of flowers under the ground,
Yes, millions beginning to grow.

Feels nice to be out walking again in the mornings! It's not every day yet, just those where the temperatures are above 35 by the time we'd be heading out, but slowly morning walks will replace our morning exercise routine. (These dogs are Grace and Joy; Kiri is too little yet to walk as far as we do.)

J's journal entry for this week above, with a spring theme! Zoo Boy's below with a Pokemon theme, as usual.

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