Saturday, March 6, 2010

the boy turns seven

Yes, it's all true, Zoo Boy turned 7 today! He was half-excited, half-worried in the days leading up to it (a vast improvement over turning 6, which he was 100% dreading). But, as usual, it was all good once it happened!

Both boys are suffering from the tail end of an upper respiratory virus that has them sounding like they're going to cough up a lung, so we hung out at home today and celebrated quietly, in hopes that the sound less horrifying by tomorrow, which is when the party is.

In this first photo, he's checking out the "Bakuguantlet" that Mimi and Grampy gave him. (Thanks, Mimi and Grampy, it's what he wanted most of all! Look for him wearing it on his arm in the last photo.)

We had a little cake, both because you can't celebrate a birthday without a cake, and, more importantly, because Mommy had to try out her idea for a Bakugan cake on something small before a couple of dozen party guests see the real, much larger one. (Under that black bar is the boy's name, but since he goes incognito on the blog, I figured I'd obscure it.)

Blowing out the big "7" candle. He liked the cake. ("Thank you Mommy for this delicious cake," LOL, I love that kid!) I hope he's not disappointed with tomorrow's cake, he refuses to look at it to approve it, saying he wants it to be a surprise. Pressure on me!!!

Opening his gift from J. J shopping on his own this year, telling me before I ever had a chance to ask what he wanted to get him. Given the delighted look on Zoo Boy's face, I guess he done good. He did, however, have trouble keeping anything a secret, spilling the beans on more than one of the gifts, so I'll be careful how much information I share with him in the future....

All outfitted with his new Bakugauntlet, stocked with his new Bakugan cards, and a battle all laid out on his Bakugan battle field (a gift from The Map Man and I). He and J spent the whole afternoon brawling, which made for a happy, happy birthday for The Boy.

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Christine said...

Happy Birthday Zoo Boy!!! Have fun at your party tomorrow!