Sunday, March 14, 2010

the christian experience

As a part of our Western European/St. Francis block, J participated in an Ecumenical Children's Choir at an area Episcopal Church. Today the program wrapped up with them performing several songs at the morning mass. I tried out my new Flip video camera (thanks, Leslie!), and will try posting below so you can share in our morning music.

J enjoyed participating in the singing, and both he and Zoo Boy were fascinated by the Christian traditions, the church itself (which is just gorgeous!) and the various parable stories they heard throughout the program (among them The Prodigal Son and the story of Jesus and the Fishermen). J was particularly interested in the whole bread and wine communion ritual that took place at mass today. It was a really nice addition to our homeschooling themes over the past couple of months!

Enjoy the videos -- these kids are all really cute!

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The Glasers said...

The children did a fantastic job, especially considering how few in number they were. They projected very nicely and sang beautifully!!!