Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bikes, breakfast, and baseball

While I was gallivanting around Maine with dogs, ducks, sheep and cows for the weekend, the boys enjoyed the wonderful spring weather at home with The Map Man. It was the first time the bikes have been pulled out since fall, and J remembered everything he knew.

Zoo Boy has clearly outgrown his bike, but in typical ZBoy fashion, refuses to admit it or accept our offers to buy him a new bike. I really would like to get him really riding this year, but there's just no way he'll do it on that small of a bike. So we'll see what we can work out....

The boys jumped the gun on our cultural themes, asking The Map Man to make them pancakes from a Kenyan book. (We are going to be moving on to Western African culture in a few weeks, and while Kenya is most certainly not in Western Africa, it is culturally more similar to that than to the Western European culture we're still working in!) But I don't begrudge him caving in to their request -- anytime our kids actually ask to try something new to eat is an opportunity to be seized with gusto! J said he liked them, Zoo Boy said he didn't, and both requested more "traditional" pancakes instead for their actual meal.

Being spring, we of course broke out the baseball equipment. The boys were predictably thrilled and spent a bunch of time in the yard working on fielding and hitting skills.

Zoo Boy has taken a real interest in baseball all of a sudden (J has loved it for a couple of years). I'm looking forward to getting them out to a few minor league ball games this year.

I'm glad they were able to take so much advantage of the lovely weekend weather, because we're dealing with a week of rain and cold and ick now.

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