Thursday, March 4, 2010

quick puppy info

Ok, ok, sheesh, don't you people know I'm busy! LOL

I promise many, many (MANY!) more pictures as we go along, but for now here's the basics:

Name: Kiri (registered name to be determined)

Breed: Labrador Retriever (you know, just in case nobody figured that out!) This is our very first Lab (and honestly not a breed I ever thought I'd own), but not our first gun dog, although we've been without "a proper gun dog" for some time.

Age: 12 weeks-ish (I don't actually know her birthdate, some else takes care of those details!)

Breeder: My friend Anne of Radiance Labradors -- Kiri's parents are Boomer and Connie -- go find them on her web page!

How it happened: Trust me, this wasn't planned. But Kiri (under a different name) came to visit for a few days (aka "Anne's evil plan") and was an absolutely perfect fit for our household. This is a pretty special puppy, and we're not stupid enough not to recognize that.

Her future: Anne and I are co-owning this pupperoni. That way Anne can show her and breed her and do whatever labradorian type things need to be done with a puppy of this caliber, and we can love her up and train her to do ridiculous things. Win-win situation for us all!!

We are all in puppy heaven! (Well, with the exception of the Collies who seem think this is the worst decision I've ever made. They'll get over it.)

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Alyss said...

How wonderful. I think you'll really like having a lab around to counter all that herding energy. Though, I gotta say, my obsessive compulsive lab could probably match many collies on the nervious tension scale. Have fun with your puppy.. in 6 or 8 years she'll be a great couch potato :)