Monday, March 28, 2011

bunny love

Zoo Boy has been begging for a bunny since the dawn of time. We had told him that when J got his puppy (promised to him when he turned 10), he could have bunny. But since then, J has realized that he's probably not got the time to raise and train a puppy, given that almost all of his time is spent at dance studios (or going to and from them). So when we came across these wonderful Jersey Wooly babies, he decided that perhaps a bunny was a more appropriate pet for him as well.

Here's a better look at the cuties: Zoo Boy named his white baby "Snowball" and J named his black baby "Nellie":

Both boys are thrilled, but especially Zoo Boy, who gave his new baby a tour of the house, and introduced her to his cockatiel, Lucario.

The bunnies in their temporary digs in the boys' room. They'll outgrow this cage rapidly, but we'll come up with a better plan for them soon. Given that I used to have about a hundred angora rabbits, we're not exactly lacking in proper equipment and housing. But the fact that the boys want these little girls to live in their room means we have some thinking to do in regards to appropriate accommodations.


Twisted Cinderella said...

They are so sweet!!

Karen said...

They are all adorable! Check this out for ideas for more room friendly cages. We build one, and plan on another, though Sassy decided that when we wouldn't let him out, he could try to take matter into his own teeth and attempted to make an opening. We're using cor-plast inside of an x-pen that's only partially open.

You can probably put a litter box with bedding in for them too. Our girl Izzy, who had been in a screened bottom cage until we got her, has decided to use one of the two containers in the bottom of her cage. Of course she preferred a corner of the bigger box that we thought would be a good place to hang out, but it still something. :)

Now that the weather is better, Izzy and Sassy are going to get better acquainted. :) Let me know if you are still interested.