Thursday, March 24, 2011

I's pride

Despite my general malaise as of late, we soldier on with our schoolwork! The first story we worked with this week was "I's Pride," which describes what happens when "ie" is not followed by other letters (sounds like long "i" -- or "y"). "I" was feeling sad that there was such a hooplah about her saying "E's" name in the last story, and "E" found a way for her to say her own name when nobody was following them, and still be protected from the ghosts and goblins. (The King's Yeoman "Y" steps in front of "I" so she can't be seen.) The above drawing is mine, using the actual letter-characters. Of course, the boys have their own take on this:

J's drawing above, same idea as mine, but his characters are real, not letters. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing, he insisted on included the King's Servant ("S") who also helps out by hissing to distract the ghost, in the case that "Y" can't hide "I".

Above, our verse explaining this spelling rule, written by J. Below, Zoo Boy's playful version of the first stanza of the verse. The boys are having SO much fun with this little spelling rules block! The stories really capture their imaginations, and they are thrilled to write their spelling words down on the drawings that embody the rules. Who would have thought spelling was so fun?

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