Monday, March 14, 2011

zoo boy's party

Welcome to Zoo Boy's super-fun museum birthday party. Yes, it's true, I'm not anywhere near as fabulous as Kyra, I'm not willing to have 16 kids plus assorted adults invade my house while I serve a Hogwarts-shaped cake I made from scratch. Instead, I go the turn-the-kids-over-to-the-museum-staff and store-bought-spiderman-cake route.

Zoo Boy, fortunately, doesn't seem to care that Mommy is a lazy party-thrower, all he cares is that he's surrounded by friends and doing all the things he likes to do best in the world. So off we go....

This way to adventure!! Zoo Boy and a couple of his guests (in this case his friends D and R) set off on safari in one of the exhibits. The party started by our group visiting 3 of the museum's exhibits, where they had bunches of fun, including coming face-to-face with this guy:

Then we went back to our party room and got to meet a ferret up close and personal. The Map Man and I used to have a couple of ferrets (before we had kids), so it was sort of nostalgic for us (especially since the ferret we met looked just like one of ours!). J thinks maybe it's time we had another ferret. He says if it slept with him, it could kiss him in the morning and wake him up.

Then Zoo Boy made a wish and blew out his candles. He was good about not telling anyone (at least not me!) what his wish was!

Opening gifts, something all the kids were into. He got a bunch of good stuff -- a couple new games for his DS, a couple of DVD shows (Spiderman and Scooby Doo), a couple of books (including the much-coveted Guardians of Gahool series), some Beyblades (one of the popular boy toys right now -- they are basically souped-up tops), and a Lego set.

Last item on the agenda was a visit to the planetarium for a show about Mars, which I hear was very educational (I was busy cleaning up the party room, so I missed it).

Everyone seemed to have a great time! With any luck, Zoo Boy will choose to have his party here again next year. It's certainly made my life easy for the past two birthdays!

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