Thursday, March 24, 2011


Meet "Reggie" (aka "Sir Reginald Fuzzbutt"), born yesterday morning amidst a fresh coating of spring snow. He's a sturdy little (big!) dude. And very fuzzy (not actually what I'm looking for in a newborn lamb, but cute!).

Richard (l) and Aliena (r) are thrilled to have a new co-conspirator in little lamb games, such as "Annoy the Pony" and "Torture the Turkeys".


briarrosestudio said...

CONGRATS! I hope that is okay to say. Sir Reginald is a brawny little guy. May Sir Fuzzbutt live a long and glorious life with lots of grand adventures.

Alyss said...

They're adorable! Why is fuzzy not what you are looking for in a lamb?

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Alyss, if you look at the other two lambs, you can see their wool is in tight little ringlets that sits close to their skin. That means that their fleece will have the proper crimp and texture for hand-spinning. Reggie's long, fluffy hair will result in long, fluffy hair in the fleece, not at all good for spinning. (And probably not much good for anything other than mulch.)

Despite his adorable-ness, this is possibly the worst lamb I've ever produced here. (There's one other I can think of from about 7 years ago that had an unnaturatlly shiny fleece -- that one might have been worse. Maybe.) His mom has some Shetland behind her, this is probably a throw-back to that, as their fleeces are much harrier (which is proper for them). But it's enough not what I'm looking for to sell both him and his Mom this fall. Both of the other ewes have better fleeces, twin (or more), and produce better lambs.

Alyss said...

Poor Reggie! It's not his fault! He didn't mean to :)

Is a fleece like that useful for anything? I mean, will someone be able to buy him and use his wool for something or is he destined to be lamb chops this autumn?