Monday, March 14, 2011

the royal letter guard

Above is my drawing -- yeah, I know, I don't usually post those anymore (in fact, I don't really draw all that often anymore, the kids don't need the living model anymore, they prefer their own creative processes. Since they really think of the characters as being children who represent the letters, rather than the letters themselves, I drew my "letters" first (just to make sure they were connecting the story with the visual reality of the spelling rules), and then the kids had a good laugh and did their drawings (below). In this story, the Guard begins their duty of protecting the King from the ghosts and goblins, but runs into a bit of trouble when "E" become too tired to call out his name.

J's above, Zoo Boy's below. The deal is that "I" protects "E" by calling out his name for him in the top drawing (he was too tired and weak to do it himself), hence saving them all from the ghosts and goblins. But "I" got tired eventually, and their Counselor from Royal Camp stepped in to help while "I" fell back to rest (in the bottom drawing). Hence, the whole "i" before "e" except after "c" thingy. After we did our drawings, we each chose some "i before e" and "except after c" spelling words to show what our drawings signified.

Zoo Boy actually said it was scary when I needed to call out E's name. The follow-up story, "I's Pride" helped resolve that (we just read that one today, so work on that will happen on Wednesday -- Tuesday is therapy and music lesson day, we don't do story work that day). I find it telling that Zoo Boy sees the loss of individuality as scary....

Our "I before E" verse, a bit different than the traditional saying, weaves in the story image and makes it a living verse for the kids to connect to rather than just a rhyme to memorize. (J's writing above, Zoo Boy's below.)

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