Sunday, March 27, 2011

ghosts and goblins have their say

We (slowly) wrapped up our little spelling rules block with two days of work on the story "The Ghosts and Goblins Have Their Say," in which the influence of "gh" at the end of vowel blends is explored. (There is, in fact, one more story in the series, but I'm choosing not to use it with my kids at this time, but rather leave them in this playful mood. We'll use it between our next two cultures, as reawakening and wrap-up.) Above is my drawing from the story, below are the boys'.
J's drawing (above) is way better than mine, depicting what happens to the vowels when they are poked and tickled by the ghosts and goblins, and made to say different sounds than their actual names. Zoo Boy (his drawing is below) actually spent 3 hours (yes, that's right, 3 hours!), or, in other words, an entire morning, doing his drawing and writing in his words. He was quite insistent and persistent on this task, and didn't want to take any shortcuts, leave out any characters, or any "gh" words, so I gave him the time and space to finish his work to his satisfaction. (And yes, the irony of this was not lost on me, given his reluctance to draw and write just a few short weeks ago....)

Part of our story verse -- it was too long to write the whole thing all in one day. I had been planning on taking 2 days to complete it anyway, but with Zoo Boy's drawing work taking so much time the first day, we didn't start it until Friday, so had to wrap up with just the basics. J's writing above, Zoo Boy's (just the first stanza) below.

We're on to some Trickster Tales next! We've been dancing to a silly, playful Scottish folk song called "Aiken Drum" and doing our spin-and-fold sequences to "A Drunken Sailor" (still a favorite from our lite Robin Hood block back in January), so we're all ready for a cultural trip to the British Isles.

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