Friday, September 23, 2011

the fall

Above is J's drawing of Yahweh telling Adam and Eve not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Yahweh punishing the serpent and Adam and Eve after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge. I find it interesting that both boys drew Yahweh as a sort of non-distinct individual (in J's you can only see a light and a pair of hands, in Zoo Boy's he's just a shapeless flesh-colored blob).

Above is J's story summary, below is Zoo Boy's.


Alyss said...

I'm interested to hear what Zoo Boy and J think about this story. There is so much baggage here for so many adults and they haven't really heard it before (I assume..). I'm interested in what wise light they can shed on it :)

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Alyss, they actually expressed some distress during the reading of the story, but they seemed to work through it on their own during their play time after we read it. Today they retold it solommnly, but without the distress of having heard it, and they were both really into the drawings and summarizing. To Zoo Boy in particular, he seemed to think the punishment fit the crime, so he found it harsh but fair. I did note that J chose to draw the only scene before any actual crime had been commited. (That's so J.)

Gives me more confidence about them being able to handle the Cain and Abel story (on the plan for next week, although I expect quite a bit of distress from that. Especially as close as my boys are to each other, the though of killing your brother is going to come as quite a shock, no doubt.

Alyss said...

Its so wonderful to hear your boys' experiences with these stories. I think they are really important stories, and have a lot of wisdom to teach us (which is why they are in the Waldorf and Enki curriculum in the first place) but so many modern parents are freaked out about the violence. It's good to know that your boys are seeing that they are worth being solemn about, but working through everything in their own way and coming out a little more "experienced" in the world. That's what the 3rd grade curriculum is all about, isn't it?

Thank you so much for writing up your work. I know you do it mostly for you, but it is so nice to see it all laid out like this :)