Sunday, September 4, 2011


The boys, hunkered down in the hallway during the storm.

The power's been back on since Tuesday night (we lost it first thing Sunday morning). We only lost one tree (and it wasn't a big one, and didn't do any damage coming down), and of course all the food in our fridge and smaller freezers, but all in all we made out pretty well. The large freezer was fine (good thing, it was PACKED, another day or two without power and we would have been sweating it!), we didn't flood (we can't where we're located anyway, atop a hill, atop ledge, everything drains away from us, thank goodness), and thanks to good friends and family we managed to find showers. I can live forever without electricity, but a lack of running water drives me mad.

Hope everyone else is safe, dry, and with power at this point!

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