Friday, September 30, 2011

Noah and the flood

Above is J's drawing of Noah's ark, below is Zoo Boy's (his is an aerial view). J was singing songs we'd learned about Noah and the ark while they were drawing.

Above is J's story summary, below is Zoo Boy's. Again, the boys pretty much wrote the summary entirely on their own, they are getting a really good grasp of pulling out the important parts of the story (though entirely on their own they would still write a summary so long neither of them would want to copy it into their good books).


Alyss said...

How quickly are you going through the stories? Does the Enki curriculum have you continue to work with these stories during the math/building part of the term? The boys' art work is progressing so well. Excellent work all around :)

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Alyss, we're reading and working with as many as we can during each week, so typically that will mean 3 per week, depending on what else we may have going on. I anticipate finishing up everything I want to (through the battle at Jericho)by Hanukah.

The Enki curriculum weaves math and science into the cultural units. So, for example, we could start studying measurement with the Noah story, because the story itself talks about the size Noah built the ark, so we could go out and pace off that amount to figure out how big the ark actually was, etc. (Then we'd just build on the math concepts from there.)

However, we are straying from the Enki model a bit with this, for several reasons. First, my kids both want and need to keep working with the stories in full-on LA mode (with the recall and summary writing) because what they need to work on most is comprehension (for J) and handwriting (for Zoo Boy), so it would not serve us to step away from the full story work to concentrate on math or science. Instead, we are overlaying our math and science work by taking advantage of co-ops. So, for instance, they are getting their cultural science in my Ancient Israeli Crafts class and in a projects co-op that will be starting soon, and they are getting their math in our Fun with Fractions class, and during pratice time each day.