Wednesday, September 28, 2011


There just so much stuff that I want to blog about and can't seem to find the time. Like, for instance:

Our Science Fridays co-op, where we explored chemicals in everyday household items.

Or the kite making session during the boys' Flight class.

Or the making and using of horizontal ground looms in our Ancient Israeli crafts class.

Or using M&Ms and bead stringing to explore fractions in that class.

Or the fact that J got a really exiting role in his upcoming Nutcracker production. (He'll be dancing the role of Fritz, Clara's brother, as well as participating in the Russian dance.)

Or the fabulous science classes (Ecosystems, Rocket Design, and brainstorming how people could live on Mars) at The Children Museum's Homeschool Day yesterday.

Or the fact that Zoo Boy has received an invitation to participate in an upcoming test for his next Karate belt.

And, on a very, very sad note, the passing of April, our beloved Akbash livestock guardian dog, who has protected us and our critters for the past year. She was quite old for such a large dog (9 1/2 years), and didn't give us any sign that she was at the end. We just found her curled up and sleeping forever one evening, after having been her usual bouncy, happy self right up until then. May we all have such a peaceful passing when our times come.


Alyss said...

Wow! So much stuff. Congrats to both J and Zoo Boy. I'd love to know more about your ground looms. The kites sound fun! :)

I'm so sorry about April. You guys are awesome for having given her such a wonderful place to spend her last year. She probably knew the flock was going to be safe so she was willing to go. Have you seen my blog post on Doggy Heaven?

Brynn said...

Wow! Awesome fun learning! I love how you have brought the cultural unit study into your homeschool co-op studies and all the great science.

Sorry about your dog. So sad to lose our animal friends.

Carolyn West said...

Sorry to hear about April. I'm glad you were able to take her and give her a good life for the time she had left.

Chuck said...

Sorry for your loss - April was a great guard dog without a doubt. Take comfort in knowing that she spent her last year with a loving family.

Karen said...

Congratulations to both J and Zoo Boy!

Sorry to hear about April. Imaldur is taking his sheep duties seriously - we'll look after the sheep for her.