Monday, September 19, 2011

genesis paintings, day 5

Sorry for the sudden glut of posts! A combination of a busy weekend and the fact that we actually schooled and created stuff I wanted to post right through it left me without time to get on the computer and take care of it.

This was our final day of painting from the Genesis story. Yesterday we finished up the story with the verses about the creation of the beasts and man. This is my painting. I was thrilled that my elephant and giraffe actually turned out to be recognizable! It made up for the fact that my man looks like a zombie alien....

J's painting. His man, of course, actually looks like a man. Glad one of us is mastering this painting thing....

Zoo Boy's painting.

Now it's on to reading the epic one story at a time, and working with recall and story drawing and summaries like we have for the past couple of years. I'll also be adding in form drawing (wish me luck, I'm not overly confident about it....) and practice work to round out our "full" school days. The painting has been fun, but I'm ready to get back into my more comfortable elements, and SO ready NOT to have to set up to paint every day!

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Lili said...

me and my mum did the same pictures wen we went to
germeny. i liket doing it. at first i did not know
that it was a story.
but then mum told me it was.