Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Great League of Peace

This was the final story of our epic! The Peacemaker and Aionwahta finally brought peace to Atotahrho and the Onandaga people, and all the tribes joined to become the Haudenosaunee (the People of the Longhouse) in the Great League of Peace. They buried their weapons under the Great Tree of Peace, and laid the symbols of their League (the wampum belt that Aionwahta made during their peace-making journey, and the bundle of five arrows that The Peacemaker had used to demonstrate his concept of strength in numbers) at base of the trunk. Above, J drew Aionwahta at the Great Tree of Peace, watching an eagle soar overhead. Below, Zoo Boy drew Aionwahta and The Peacemaker together at the trunk of the Great Tree of Peace.

The boys' final story summaries for the year, J's above, and Zoo Boy's below.

What a WONDERFUL epic this was! And much more Haudenosaunee cultural work to come for my guys this month! Planting our Three Sisters Garden, building our Longhouse, several crafts, some special field trips, and more!

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