Sunday, June 24, 2012

Longhouse, day 5

Up went the cover! With a lot of help and persistence (and fearless moms on ladders), we got the Longhouse covered with two large tarps. Real Longhouses were covered with large chunks of bark from large Elm trees, but not only don't we have large Elm trees in New England anymore, I wasn't going to kill any large trees just to harvest their bark even if there were. So we compromised.
We lashed down the tarp where we could, but it's really the outer framework (next step!) that will hold the covering in place.

Above, the inside of the Longhouse.

Below, Rosebud snoozed under a tree for part of the morning. J spent a lot of time sleeping under trees when he was a little dude, too.

Above, the kids work on lashing together the outer framework. In the name of efficiency, we decided to do this on the ground and then raise and anchor it in place rather than build it in place as we did with the inner frame, since they'd already had that experience. Below, next step was to lash the side panels the kids built to post and poles at either end of the house in order to get the whole thing to stand and be stable.

One more work session will finish the exterior, with roof arches and poles, and doors. And then there will be one more session to build sleeping benches, interior separations, and fire pits, and to create our clan logo to hang above the door. The kids are already pretty proud of the structure and are already having a lot of fun playing in and around it.

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