Thursday, June 7, 2012

three sisters garden, day 1

We started our Planting Unit last week, with planning out our Three Sisters Garden (the traditional Haudenosaunee gardening method). First we hired someone to come rototill up a good piece of earth -- strictly by luck, it turned out that the gentleman we hired was a Haudenosaunee descendant, who had quite a bit of good advice to give about starting our garden! I feared we might be starting a little late, but he said that Memorial Day weekend was a typical time for planting this type of garden, so that made me feel better. So a day after he tilled things up for us, the boys were out pacing off the locations for our planting hills. We followed the plan laid out in Michale J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac's book, Native American Gardening, with 4 feet between the centers of each of our primary mounds. The boys measured their paces to figure out how far 4 feet was for them, then paced off the mound locations, using corn stalks from last year to indicate where the center of each mound would go.

Above, the boys in their measured plot. Below, Rosebud's activity during much of our gardening last week:

We also recalled our memories from our Haudenosaunee epic about the gardening in the Onondaga village. The boys chatted quite a bit about it all week long as we worked in the garden.

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