Saturday, June 2, 2012

switching to Facebooking

Hey everyone, wanted to give you all a heads up. After I finish catching up on this semester's stuff (our school year will be over by the time I get caught up completely), I'm probably going to abandon blogging at least for a bit. I'm finding it difficult to sit at the computer for more than a micro-second with the baby, and I am just loving the real-time aspect of Facebook, where I am posting photos from my phone as we are in the midst of activities. I am Facebooking under my real name, so to find me I will need to tell you what that is, LOL, but I'm not going to publish that here since I've maintained at least the illusion of privacy here. If you want to leave me your email address in a comment, I will be happy to email you my name so you can find me on Facebook. Be aware that I do post on Facebook multiple times per day, so make sure that won't drive you nuts before you friend me, LOL. But you could always unfriend me if it's too much, I won't hold it against you! ;)

(Don't worry, Mom, we'll figure out something so you can still keep up with what we're doing, too. :)

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