Thursday, June 7, 2012

three sisters garden, day 3

This was the day we built our mounds, raking the dirt in the garden over our little piles of organic soil to create the mounds for planting the corn and beans in. We made the mounds about 18 inches wide, with about a 10 inch flat spot on top, and about 4 inches high. (Again, according to directions in Native American Gardening by Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac.) We had to take a break half-way through because it was exhausting work (the boys did almost all of it themselves!), but by the end of our school day, our garden was ready for planting our corn the next day, and looked like this:


Cathy said...

I'm very excited to read about your garden! I'm starting to plan our 3rd grade year and wondering how we will cover gardening because I do not have a green thumb or a lot of knowledge about gardening - I will be learning too. Do you like the "Native American Gardening" book? Do they cover all regions/climates?
I'm looking forward to watching your garden grow!

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Yes, Cathy, that book is great for covering a vast array of climates (they have the traditional southwestern 3 sisters garden as well). I think you'd really enjoy it, and it incorporates a lot of story as well, which is nice if you're doing your planting block outside of your Haudenosaunee epic like we are, but still want a story base and connection.