Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iroquois Museum, part 1

This past weekend we took a little trip out to the Iroquois Museum in Howes Cave, NY. The museum itself (above) is shaped like a Longhouse, which is pretty cool. Inside, there are lots of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts of Haudenosaunee life.

The kids (ours and Laurels) really loved seeing all the artwork and artifacts. The adults really loved talking with the folks who were working at the museum, who are members of the Mohawk tribe. In particular it was fun pairing up the artwork with the stories we read (I will post separately about that), and the projects and crafts we're working on (also deserving of it's own post).

The boys check out some lacrosse artifacts. They wondered when the sticks were modified to enclose the entire basket (like their sticks at home), and wondered whether it would be easier or harder to use this original type of stick.

Zoo Boy works on completing an artifact identification quiz. J chose to fill out a clan attributes quiz. Laurel's girls each worked on the scavenger hunts.

Rosebud sat in Daddy's lap and smiled at everyone. Tough job.

The whole gang checks out some creation paintings, which I will post next! As soon as we're done stripping branches off of saplings we cut for our own Longhouse. (Which of course also deserve their own posts....) I can't believe how far behind in blogging I am's been a very action-packed week!

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