Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aionwahta wanders (and wampum)

In our story, Aionwahta wanders into the Mohawk camp, where The Peacemaker is waiting to meet and greet him. They exchange strings of wampum (which they both had been collecting along the way during their travels) and discuss their visions of peace, agreeing to work together to bring peace to all the people of the red earth. Both boys drew the exchange of wampum, J's above (a really cool conceptual drawing), and Zoo Boy's below (a bit more literal).

Above, J's story summary, below, Zoo Boy's.

After doing their drawings and writing their summaries for this story, I gave the boys small bowls of real shell wampum, which they immediately got busy stringing. Below are their resulting strings. Both boys were SO excited to be working with real wampum! (Which made the ridiculous price I paid for it worth it.)

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