Wednesday, May 23, 2012

painting workshop

I attended a Waldorf "Painting Through the Grades" workshop, geared towards leading paintings with 4th thru 8th grade students. It was a fabulous day, during which we did 2 4th grade paintings (Thor and a cow lying in a field), 2 5th grade paintings (Egyptian pyramids and parts of a flower), 2 6th grade paintings (a Greek temple and a Roman soldier), a 7th grade painting (a tall ship in rough seas), and an 8th grade painting (a skyline during the Industrial Revolution). I actually managed to complete all but the final painting, despite having baby Rosebud along for the day. (My paintings below.)The most important thing I came way from the workshop with was the reassurance that I'm doing a pretty good job leading the kids in their painting, and the confidence that I'll continue to do well with them despite my worry that I really don't know what the heck I'm doing. In the past I suffered from a fear of being "wrong" with painting, but I've become much more fearless about it in recent years and no longer am paralyzed by uncertainty. I think my children have benefited from watching me overcome my fear of painting, and they were obviously very proud of the paintings I brought home from the workshop.

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Mrs. Bacon said...

Good job! I enjoy seeing yours and the boys paintings! As an artist and an art teacher, there are times even when I am not so sure I am headed in the right direction myself.
Have a blessed day!
Mrs. Bacon