Saturday, May 26, 2012


This tragic story has the very powerful Atotahrho resisting every attempt of Aionwahta's to implement his plan for peace, culminating in the death of Tonedawa and all seven of Aionwahta's daughters. This causes Aionwahta to forget his plan for peace and begin wandering aimlessly, wishing for his own death. Both boys chose to draw the evil Atotahrho, J (above) with him hiding on his island waiting to trick the Onondaga message carriers, and Zoo Boy (below) with him thinking about destroying Aionwahta.

J's story summary above, Zoo Boy's below.

It's a statement about the boys' maturity levels that they were able to handle this story without getting overly upset. Heck, *I* was upset at this story! We had an interesting discussion about how the stories (and books they are reading, too) are starting to not always have the ending we want them to, and how that is a part of growing up (and life in general). Good timing, really, because they have been asking to read some books that are a bit more intense (Harry Potter, etc), and I think they are now ready to handle some of that more "mature" content.

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