Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Peacemaker: growing up

In this two-part story, we learn about how the Peacemaker grew up, at a faster rate than normal boys, and carved his stone canoe out of granite, then brought peace to the Huron village his grandmother was from, before leaving in his stone canoe to bring peace to the fiercest people of the red earth. Above, J drew The Peacemaker traveling in his stone canoe. Below, Zoo Boy shows him being tested by the Mohawk people -- he climbed a tall tree, and the Mohawks chopped it down to see if it would kill him. It did not, and they welcomed him into their village and let him teach them the old ways and the way of peace.

J's story summary, above, and Zoo Boy's below. Quite different, because Zoo Boy wanted to include the bit about the Mohawks testing him in his summary, and that hadn't been included in our initial summary.

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