Thursday, May 31, 2012

spring show

Two weekends ago was the ballet school's spring show "Dynamic Directions" -- a WONDERFUL production! Above was the Modern piece J danced in, called "Once Upon a Time," part of a larger piece called "Story Book". J was one of many "cells" that came together to make a baby:

He was also a painter boy (below) in "Postcards From Paris," where he danced with two flirtatious girls vying for his attention. He was just marvelous, and quite the character!

A tip of the hat to the Map Man (below) who spent pretty much every spare moment the last two weeks before the show (and almost the entire two days of the show) caring for Rosebud in the general vicinity of where I was frantically sewing costumes:

Below, a celebration with Grandma and Grandpa at Friendly's after the final show. Whew! It'll be nice to have a "rest" this summer before Nutcracker chaos begins again in September!

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