Saturday, May 19, 2012

OSV homeschool day

 We attended Old Sturbridge Village's Homeschool Day on May 2.  While J was in a woodworking workshop, Zoo Boy, Rosebud and I explored the village.  Above he chats with a shoemaker (and found out that calling a shoemaker a "cobbler" was a great insult -- cobbler described someone who did shoddy workmanship, a shoemaker was an artisan).

 He spent quite a bit of time watching the blacksmiths work (above).  He later told me how cool it was ,and spent the rest of the day filling me in on blacksmithing facts.  (Rosebud was bundled for the cold outdoors, so other than stepping in to take this quick picture, we stayed outside.)

 Pumping water on the village green (above)

 I was able to take a peek through the window of the woodworking shop to get this photo of J working on his project (above).  He made a garden compass (which he is holding below).  That will come in handy as we lay out our garden this spring.

 Both boys participated in a farming workshop (above) where they made trellises and planted bean plants (growing two weeks later, below).

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