Sunday, May 9, 2010

concert night

I'm sure my Dad got better photos last night, but I'll share what I took with my crummy little camera on Friday night. The Youth Chorus' spring concert was Friday and Saturday night. We didn't get as big a turn-out audience-wise as we usually do, which was a little disappointing, but there were still enough of us to make a bunch of noise and express our appreciation to the kids, the director (the most amazing man!), the stage crew, and the musicians.

The first half of the show is all solos and duets (21 of them!), whatever the kids want to do. Here's J during his solo (video from dress rehearsal is a couple of posts back):

This was the first year they offered a "Junior Chorus" for the older kids, to give them a bit of extra material to work with, and a chance to work on more complicated harmonies. J's easy to pick out, he's both the smallest and the only boy:

After the Junior Chorus performed, the rest of the kids joined them and the entire chorus presented a wonderful choreographed show about going on vacation. In this photo, the kids "hit the beach" -- the easiest way to pick out J is to look for the little boy in the center of the front row -- J is immediately behind him:

J sings his show solo, about being a lonely left-fielder -- very cute:

The left-fielder saves the game and is voted "Player of the Year":

This group always puts on a fabulous show, but this was one of my favorite shows to date. J is bummed that chorus is over for the summer, but I've promised him that we'll seek out guitar lessons (I play, but not well enough that I feel comfortable teaching him, and I want to make sure he's getting a good education with it, my guess is that he'll do more with it than I ever did), and I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for a summer musical group for him.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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