Sunday, May 16, 2010

morning walks

Since we're in such an intensely time-consuming period for both our homeschooling and our outside activities (I feel like I live at that dance studio....), and our cultural dancing is filling our exercise needs nicely (and then some!), we've been taking shorter walks in our neighborhood rather than spending as much time in the state forest. We'll move back to the forest once things settle down a bit, but in the meantime we're finding plenty to keep us feeling connected to Spring right on our own street.

This little vernal pool has both salamander eggs and frog eggs, as well as a bevy of adult frogs. No fish and plenty of spring rains assure that those eggs are going to hatch just fine. We're keeping an eye on them:

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cypress said...

We are fascinated by tent worms in this corner of the world as well...I love that kids can find beauty in marvels like frog eggs and such. The knee-jerk reaction of "EEEWWWWW" that most adults around us give makes me more determined not to lose the magic of seeing these things with a child's eyes.